Thrust Curve Tool

Update: v1.06 (Nov. 1, 2006)

An optional $10 shareware donation is requested.

Extract the following zip file to a new folder:  (244KB)  Compressed ZIP file

 OR, click (or right-click) on each of the following and save them in a new folder:

ThrustCurveTool.jar   (44KB)  Program file
  Make sure this file is saved with ".jar" and not ".zip" at the end of its file name.
Create a short-cut to this program on your desktop.
Or run the TCT.bat batch file from the same directory as ThrustCurveTool.jar.
(See the documentation file for more help.)
If you do not have the Java Runtime Environment installed, go to:

TCT.bat  (31 Bytes)  Batch file (Windows)
ThrustCurveTool.pdf  (280KB)  Documentation file
Example1.asc  (1KB)  Sample input data (Dataq output)
Example2.txt  (1KB)  Sample input data (RDAS output)